All new projects will appear here – check back for anything new out of the shops.

“Talyllyn” and “Dolgoch”

Here, in 009/4mm scale narrow gauge, we have “Talyllyn” and “Dolgoch”, both originating from the Bachmann Thomas the Tank range, and modified using the dress-up kits obtainable from those lovely people at Narrow Planet. Some extra work has gone into adding additional parts not included in the kits, along with bespoke lining to suit the period being depicted for these two locomotives.

A Pair of Coffee Pots

A pair of RT Models 4mm scale 009 De Winton “Coffee Pots”, of which headed to individual customers. As is normally the nature of building such models, we always tend to find ways of refining certain aspects in future attempts at the same models. These two had some additional details added to them, including the grab rail around the top of the boiler barrel, and draincocks on top of the cylinders (fabricated from handrail knobs).









New Workshop

As some of you may be aware, Mulberry Works is fortunate enough to share premises with those lovely people of the Light Railway Stores/Narrow Planet, down here on the Sussex Coast. Back in March 2021, the move was made into larger and more suitable premises, of which meant my having a second bite at the cherry, so to speak, at how I go about the laying out of my workshop.
I was never 100% happy with the arrangement of the original one, as it became cluttered all too easily…..I wanted something a bit more minimalistic. Plus, I wanted an area solely for doing the paint jobs, so as I would then be capable of working on other projects during drying periods.

Backwood Miniatures “Chevallier”

Here we have a 4mm scale/009 model of “Chevallier”, of which was a 2’6″ gauge Manning Wardle 0-6-2T, formerly of the Chattenden & Upnor and Bowaters railways, and now residing at the Great Whipsnade Zoos railway.
Assembled from a rather scarce Backwoods Miniatures kit. Comprised of brass and nickel silver etches, along with whitemetal castings, this was one of those builds I wasn’t at all willing to rush on, firstly because spare parts are no longer obtainable, and some aspects of it caused a bit of head-scratching, the pick-up arrangement in particular as there was no definitive manner suggested in the instructions.
Also, as it came supplied with an Alan Gibson wheelset, attaching these to the axles proved a challenge, as did the nylon gears (all overcome by using fag paper).
Anyway, here we have what must be some 175+ hours worth of work, and what I’d say must be one of the finest pieces I’ve created to date.

“Eagle” Chassis

Destined to go underneath two 7mm scale narrow gauge Springside loco body kits, are this pair of “Eagle” chassis kits, from the Branchlines range, assembled as the standard inside framed version.

009 Layout for a key worker

There appears to be a slight sense of normality coming back to The Works after lockdown. I could only take so much of working from home before I was climbing the walls and needed to get back into the workshop.
Now, it’s the norm here for me to try and tackle my way through the work schedule on the obligatory basis of first come first serve, yet, being constantly sat at the modelling bench isn’t always ideal for ones well-being (and I’m sure many of us having been indulging in some comfort eating during these past couple of months), so when possible I like to throw in a baseboard build, as it keeps me active here.
Not long after the lockdown had started, I was approached to undertake a baseboard build for a chap who’s currently acting as a key worker, for the NHS. I felt this would be a nice little something for him to look forward to working on as and when time permitted, a reward to himself for all his hard efforts. And so, after managing to source some additional materials, it was all systems go…
The criteria provided was that the baseboard was to be for a 009 layout, one that wasn’t overly complex, yet still entertaining to operate. And it had to be of a lightweight yet solid construction, that would last for some years to come. I was provided with a basic plan, of which I developed into something that had a bit more flow to it, and incorporated some gradients into the running line, to allow for some interesting scenic scope. The landscape itself falls from back to front, right to left, and so I made it that the backscene reflected this, by leaving one side open.
Anyway, I’ll leave the photos to do the rest of the talking, but should you have any questions, or would like for me to provide you with a quote for a similar commission, do feel free to drop me a line.



Wickham Trolley

Recently out-shopped, ready to go off elsewhere to be painted, was this 7mm scale narrow gauge Wickham Trolley, built from an N Brass Locomotives etched nickel silver kit, riding on a Mark Clark motor bogie kit to 14mm gauge.
This commission was a real challenge in the end, as despite being 7mm scale, many of the parts were still quite fragile, as literally every part is etched, making the handling of it somewhat tricky throughout assembly…

De Winton

Here at The Works, we enjoy them fiddly little projects, or so it seems, and this recent loco build sure appears to come under that category.  Built from an RT Models kit, many a narrow gauge railway enthusiast will be familiar with the diminutive De Winton locomotive, of which were commonly known for trundling around the quarry lines of North Wales, and affectionately known as the galloping tea urn.
The model is comprised of a combination of nickel-silver etchings, and white-metal castings, with power coming from a can motor housed upright within the boiler.
Since being out-shopped to one rather happy customer, it appears I’ve a few more of the same to assemble for other customers.  And it’s one of those locomotives I’m quite keen to have in 1/35 scale, for my own pleasure, one of these days…

009 Layout


It’s made a change these past few weeks or so to of been away from the modelling bench, and up on my feet working at the carpentry bench instead, as I undertook the commission of the baseboards for a customers up and coming 009 layout.

With an overall scenic length of 8 feet, plus an additional shorter board for the sector plate, this was something of a task, as it incorporated various gradients, and the objective was to keep the boards as light as possible.


From the outset, I also had a hand in assisting the customer in the design of the plan/track layout, and gave it my usual touches, such as the curved frontage, along with my usual finishing touch of beading all round. Also, as it’s intended to be operated from the front when in use within the home, the fiddle had to be designed so as the front screen of which incorporates the stock storage racks is detachable, so this was designed to simply slot into place, whilst the end panel section folds down for transportation. Oh, and then there’s the curved backscene boards… now they weren’t the easiest of tasks, one in which you wish you’d that extra pair of hands.



Should you be after some baseboards for an up & coming layout, and want something that extra bit more special, then do feel free to drop me a line to discuss it further.

Chassis Build

Here at The Works, we’re also able to supply one-off jobs such as chassis builds.
From the Branchlines range of kits, this is one of their O-16.5 7mm NG Eagle chassis kits, built as an outside frame version, and is destined for a Heywood loco body. Of note is that I’ve placed the pick-ups behind the frames, to keep them out of sight, along with adding a stretcher/brace across the bottom to give additional strength to the outer frames.



Here we have a little study piece of which I finished off earlier this year, simply to place on my demo stand at exhibitions as an example…..

A 4mm scale diesel, of which has been bashed from a Knightwing Models kit, and rides on a Bachmann Underground Ernie chassis. It was originally started by a friend of mine, yet he lost interest and didn’t get very far with it, so I took it off of his hands as a little project.

Yes, there are refinements that could be made to such a model to bring it up to finer standards, but there’s nothing fancy or out of the ordinary here, and it features no additional parts except for the buffers (from what I recall). It simply demonstrates what can be achieved with a little imagination and a bit of quality time sat at the modelling bench.


Another labour of love has just been out-shopped here at The Works, in the form of a Peckett & Sons Cranmore class 0-4-0ST, in 4mm scale narrow gauge/009, built from one of the excellent precision designed kits from Stuart Brewers Small Run Batch range.

Fiddly in places to say the least, with some 75 hours worth of craftsmanship going into its build, it sure makes for an excellent example of this sweet little workhorse…






A batch of five 7mm scale Welsh/Ffestiniog narrow gauge slate wagons, four 2 tons, and one 3 ton.

They were assembled from etched brass kits available via the 7mm NGA, and once again, became something of a labor of love as, for what they are, they’re rather fiddly (as well as being of soldered assembly, much bending and folding was required).
I have to admit, I’m extremely pleased with how these turned out, especially the weathered finish.

Two more jobs to come out of The Works, both for the same client, are in 0-16.5/7mm scale narrow gauge.


Firstly we have a Springside Models “Fowey” loco body kit, comprised of whitemetal castings, riding on a Dapol L&Y Pug chassis, of which has been given additional detailing. Due to it’s freelance design, it’s not one of the easiest of kits to work on, yet hopefully it captures the feel of a small Bagnall tank, or similar.



And the other completed model is a Glyn Valley Tramway third class four wheeler, built from a Wrightlines kit, comprised mainly of whitemetal castings, along with etched sides, and I decided to fabricate the roof from brass sheet, as opposed to the suggested plasticard.

Both were painted using assorted enamels, and have been weathered using a basic selection of enamels, also.


New Workshop

Back in May, some big changes occurred for The Works, as I moved into a purpose built workshop, situated within the new HQ of my friends from Narrow Planet. This move means the turn around of jobs should become that much quicker and efficient. Also of great benefit, the opportunity has been taken to invest in a variety of new tools and equipment, of which means I’ll be capable of undertaking certain tasks I was unable to do so within the confines of the previous work facilities.

Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railways Hunslet

A Parkside Dundas (or should I now say “Dundas Models”) 4mm scale narrow gauge kit of the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railways Hunslet 2-6-2 Tank Loco No.14, formerly of the Sierra Leone railways.

A bog standard whitemetal kit of good quality, riding on a Minitrix chassis, to which I’ve added a great amount of extra detail and refinements to the body, such as pipework, brass smokebox door handle, hand/grab rails, as well as fabricating a brass roof to replace the rather heavy cast one supplied.

All in all, a very satisfying build…….especially as I got to put my new ERSA soldering unit to test

Meridian Models Talyllyn coaching stock

A recent re-release in 009/4mm scale narrow gauge has been the set of Talyllyn coaching stock, by Meridian Models, comprising the Brown Marshall No.3, Lancaster No.4, and the Guards Brake & Luggage Van No.5, all of which are available through Narrow Planet. Here at The Works I was asked to assemble samples of all three kits in readiness for the NP stand at the NG South exhibition, Eastleigh. The Lancaster was a fairly straight-forward affair, whilst the Marshall Brown and Brake Van were somewhat more complex, as will be seen from the photos here.

Further details of the kits are available via the Narrow Planet website.
And, should anyone be interested in having any of the vehicles built for them by my good self, do feel free to contact me via this here website.

Another Midget

For those not so familiar with railways, this locomotive, a Manning Wardle “Midget” in 4mm scale/009, has been finished in what is commonly known as a weathered condition, in that it’s depicted looking somewhat aged and in great need of some TLC…

I don’t normally keep a written record of how many hours I work on each individual model, as you tend to do little bits here and there in-between other tasks, but for this I reckon it must be the best part of 40 hours.

It’s been built once again from a Narrow Planet kit, the same as that of which I did last year, and for the very same client.

Corris No.4 – Edward Thomas

A 4mm scale/009 model of the Kerr Stuart built Corris Railway No.4, assembled from a Meridian Models brass/whitemetal kit, riding on an N Drive chassis.  It’s finished in it’s Talylln guise as “Edward Thomas”, and weathered to appear in it’s early preservation days condition.

7mm Scale Narrow Gauge Brake Van

Built from a Wrightlines kit of the Glyn Valley example, it has been modified so as to have the open ended verendah, along with open doors on each side, and fitted out with interior detail.

Corris Railway No.4

A 4mm scale/009 model of the Kerr Stuart built Corris Railway No.4, assembled here at The Works from a Meridian Models kit, sitting on an N Drive chassis.

Talyllyn Railway Fletcher Jennings

Following the release by Bachmann USA of the model of “Skarloey”, for their 4mm scale Thomas the Tank Engine range, those nice chaps at Narrow Planet released a conversion kit to alter the loco into a more to-scale representation of the Talyllyn Railway Fletcher Jennings prototype.

Part of this includes replacement cylinders and motion/valve gear, of which I have been commissioned on several occasions during the past year to assemble for customers.

Manning Wardle “Midget”
Manning Wardle David Bickerton

A recent loco outshopped from The Works for a client, was a Manning Wardle “Midget”, in 009/4mm scale narrow gauge. Built from a Narrow Planet kit (see links page), it comprised of a 3D printed body, with etched nickel overlays, riding on a donor RTR chassis from the Minitrains range. Finished off in enamels, and fitted with loco crew from the Dart Castings/Monty’s range.

Table-top layout


Every railway modeller must of had a table-top layout as a child. Well, I was recently approached by a local retired couple to build just that for their five year old grandson, to allow him to run his Thomas the Tank Engine on. It comprises a single track, yet is in the guise of an inverted/looped figure of eight, a passing loop, and two sidings, of which allows for that bit extra running line than what your basic oval would give you, along with additional operating potential.

Measuring 6’x3’6″, it has a softwood frame work with sundeala surface for the baseboard, Peco trackwork, and a Gaugemaster combi controller to make it all work.

Handbuilt 7mm narrow gauge turnouts to 0-14 standards

0-14 Turnouts David Bickerton

Destined for a client’s 7mm narrow gauge chalk pit layout. Copperclad built with code 82 fb rail. Roy Link/KBscale templates.

Whitesands Quay Outshopped

Whitesands Quay Expong 2015

All finished, Whitesands Quay was ready to be handed over to the client at Expong 2015.

Whitesands Quay David Bickerton

Whitesands Quay set up in the living room to give an impression of how one of my dioramas can fit within the home.

Based on Whitesands Quay


Just as one layout project finishes, another one commences.  Once again, this is to be in 009 and based on Reinier Hendriksen’s “Whitesands Quay”, the customers request being for the baseboard, trackwork, and electrics completed.  So, here we have some progress shots……”

009 layout build

Due to my own personal interest in the modelling of narrow gauge railways, I appear to be attracting customers with similar tastes, particularly 009 modellers wanting compact diorama style layouts.  The following was recently out-shopped for a client whom wanted a layout built up to a stage where he would be able to commence with the scenic work.

Baseboard is my usual combination of MDF/ply/softwood, finished off with moulded trim, and trackwork from PECO, with wire-in-tube turnout operation.

Passengers must not cross the lines except by means of the footbridge:

A GWR footbridge from a Hornby (now Gaugemaster) 4mm scale plastic kit.

Meridian Models 009 motorbogie

Meridian Models website

Mulberry Modelling Works was commissioned to design, construct and assemble the baseboards & track work for a 009 diorama style layout.

Measuring some 3’6″ x 2′, the main specifications given were that it had to be light in weight, compact and, most importantly, presentable.  The boards were made using a combination of MDF for the tops, softwood/pine for the framework/legs, and 3.6mm ply for the fascia, backscene, and pelmet.

A compact diorama, built to Gn15 narrow gauge standards, based on a potato farming railway.

At 30″ x 20″, it was built to be as light as possible, as had to be posted to the customers home overseas.  Track-work by Peco, with manual operation of turnouts via working surface mounted rodding. Buildings built from scratch, and made removable to allow access to hidden loop.