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Another Midget

For those not so familiar with railways, this locomotive, a Manning Wardle “Midget” in 4mm scale/009, has been finished in what is commonly known as a weathered condition, in that it’s depicted looking somewhat aged and in great need of some TLC…

I don’t normally keep a written record of how many hours I work on each individual model, as you tend to do little bits here and there in-between other tasks, but for this I reckon it must be the best part of 40 hours.

It’s been built once again from a Narrow Planet kit, the same as that of which I did last year, and for the very same client.

Corris No.4 – Edward Thomas

A 4mm scale/009 model of the Kerr Stuart built Corris Railway No.4, assembled from a Meridian Models brass/whitemetal kit, riding on an N Drive chassis.  It’s finished in it’s Talylln guise as “Edward Thomas”, and weathered to appear in it’s early preservation days condition.

7mm Scale Narrow Gauge Brake Van

Built from a Wrightlines kit of the Glyn Valley example, it has been modified so as to have the open ended verendah, along with open doors on each side, and fitted out with interior detail.

Corris Railway No.4

A 4mm scale/009 model of the Kerr Stuart built Corris Railway No.4, assembled here at The Works from a Meridian Models kit, sitting on an N Drive chassis.

Talyllyn Railway Fletcher Jennings

Following the release by Bachmann USA of the model of “Skarloey”, for their 4mm scale Thomas the Tank Engine range, those nice chaps at Narrow Planet released a conversion kit to alter the loco into a more to-scale representation of the Talyllyn Railway Fletcher Jennings prototype.

Part of this includes replacement cylinders and motion/valve gear, of which I have been commissioned on several occasions during the past year to assemble for customers.

Manning Wardle “Midget”
Manning Wardle David Bickerton

A recent loco outshopped from The Works for a client, was a Manning Wardle “Midget”, in 009/4mm scale narrow gauge. Built from a Narrow Planet kit (see links page), it comprised of a 3D printed body, with etched nickel overlays, riding on a donor RTR chassis from the Minitrains range. Finished off in enamels, and fitted with loco crew from the Dart Castings/Monty’s range.

Table-top layout


Every railway modeller must of had a table-top layout as a child. Well, I was recently approached by a local retired couple to build just that for their five year old grandson, to allow him to run his Thomas the Tank Engine on. It comprises a single track, yet is in the guise of an inverted/looped figure of eight, a passing loop, and two sidings, of which allows for that bit extra running line than what your basic oval would give you, along with additional operating potential.

Measuring 6’x3’6″, it has a softwood frame work with sundeala surface for the baseboard, Peco trackwork, and a Gaugemaster combi controller to make it all work.

Handbuilt 7mm narrow gauge turnouts to 0-14 standards

0-14 Turnouts David Bickerton

Destined for a client’s 7mm narrow gauge chalk pit layout. Copperclad built with code 82 fb rail. Roy Link/KBscale templates.

Whitesands Quay Outshopped

Whitesands Quay Expong 2015

All finished, Whitesands Quay was ready to be handed over to the client at Expong 2015.

Whitesands Quay David Bickerton

Whitesands Quay set up in the living room to give an impression of how one of my dioramas can fit within the home.


Based on Whitesands Quay


Just as one layout project finishes, another one commences.  Once again, this is to be in 009 and based on Reinier Hendriksen’s “Whitesands Quay”, the customers request being for the baseboard, trackwork, and electrics completed.  So, here we have some progress shots……”

009 layout build

Due to my own personal interest in the modelling of narrow gauge railways, I appear to be attracting customers with similar tastes, particularly 009 modellers wanting compact diorama style layouts.  The following was recently out-shopped for a client whom wanted a layout built up to a stage where he would be able to commence with the scenic work.

Baseboard is my usual combination of MDF/ply/softwood, finished off with moulded trim, and trackwork from PECO, with wire-in-tube turnout operation.

Passengers must not cross the lines except by means of the footbridge:

A GWR footbridge from a Hornby (now Gaugemaster) 4mm scale plastic kit.


Meridian Models 009 motorbogie

Meridian Models website

Mulberry Modelling Works was commissioned to design, construct and assemble the baseboards & track work for a 009 diorama style layout.

Measuring some 3’6″ x 2′, the main specifications given were that it had to be light in weight, compact and, most importantly, presentable.  The boards were made using a combination of MDF for the tops, softwood/pine for the framework/legs, and 3.6mm ply for the fascia, backscene, and pelmet.

A compact diorama, built to Gn15 narrow gauge standards, based on a potato farming railway.

At 30″ x 20″, it was built to be as light as possible, as had to be posted to the customers home overseas.  Track-work by Peco, with manual operation of turnouts via working surface mounted rodding. Buildings built from scratch, and made removable to allow access to hidden loop.