A co-operative of talented 009 modellers, producing 3D printed  loco and rolling stock kits, along with custom etched name & number plates in various scales/styles.
Originally the Roy Link range, David Janes is the leading supplier in 0-14 7mm scale narrow gauge kits and components.
Stuart Brewer produces narrow gauge loco kits in both 4mm & 7mm scale, using a variety of media.  Available via Narrow Planet.
A master in the art of painting & weathering.
Home of Paul Martins’ EDM Models, this site/shop should come with a health warning!
Based in East Sussex, Pat Land both produces his own scale model kits of motor vehicles, as well as able to supply a bespoke casting & etching service.
Home of “The Review”, the leading magazine in modelling the industrial and narrow gauge railway scene in various scales.
One of the best forums around for the narrow gauge modeller.
My local narrow gauge line, and personally a favourite of mine.