What Services Can I Offer You…..

Experienced in the assembly of items utilising a variety of media, including plastic/styrene, resin, white-metal and brass, along with traditional materials such as card and softwoods, and to various scales/standards.

Services available include;

  • Kit-building of locomotives & rolling stock, and chassis builds.
  • Buildings & structures, produced from kits, adapted kits, or scratch built.
  • Modification and detailing of ready-to-run items.
  • Repaints of locomotives, rolling stock, and off-the-shelf buildings.
  • Repairs & servicing
  • Figure painting
  • Hands-on assistance in all aspects of layout construction.
  • Hands-on soldering tuition.
  • Layout design

Also, having a personal interest in narrow gauge & industrial railways, I’m able to offer a specialist service of bespoke locomotives, stock, and buildings within this field, so should you have a particular model in mind you’d like brought to life, do feel free to get in touch to discuss it further.

How Much Pocket Money Would Be Required…..

Ask any professional model maker how much they charge for commissioning a particular piece of work, and they’ll more than likely tell you it all depends on the job in question.

With regards to loco and rolling stock kits, it all comes down to a combination of the materials the subject is comprised of, along with its age and quality.  A thought to bear in mind is that, a kit may look nice and shiny in its box, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be an easy build.  It may well be of poor design, and so more commonly referred to as “a scratch building aid”, or if white-metal then the castings may require a great deal of fettling/tidying up before they are of use.

Buildings/structures can vary too, depending on how complex the subject, be it kit or scratch-built, as some can be more of a challenge than others.  Plus, wall surface material, window/door styles, along with how much detail is to be incorporated, can all be deciding factors in the overall cost.  Also, I am experienced in the adaption of kits so as to suit alternative purposes to that of which they were originally intended for.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the individuals specific requirements, and so should you have a possible commission in mind, and wish to discuss the matter further, do feel free to contact me for more information.