Backwood Miniatures “Chevallier”

Here we have a 4mm scale/009 model of “Chevallier”, of which was a 2’6″ gauge Manning Wardle 0-6-2T, formerly of the Chattenden & Upnor and Bowaters railways, and now residing at the Great Whipsnade Zoo railway.

Assembled from a rather scarce Backwoods Miniatures kit. Comprised of brass and nickel silver etches, along with whitemetal castings, this was one of those builds I wasn’t at all willing to rush on, firstly because spare parts are no longer obtainable, and some aspects of it caused a bit of head-scratching, the pick-up arrangement in particular as there was no definitive manner suggested in the instructions.

Also, as it came supplied with an Alan Gibson wheelset, attaching these to the axles proved a challenge, as did the nylon gears (all overcome by using fag paper).

Anyway, here we have what must be some 175+ hours worth of work, and what I’d say must be one of the finest pieces I’ve created to date.

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